Thursday, May 18, 2006

Searching For A Job With LinkedIn

Konstantin Guericke, Co-Founder and Vice President of LinkedIn, posted the following job search suggestions to My LinkedIn Power Forum:
  1. Connect with former bosses, people who worked for you, fellow co-workers and other people who know your work (could be donors in your case or people who have attended events you have organized).
  2. Get endorsements from all past bosses.
  3. Make sure your profile on LinkedIn highlights your accomplishments and not just what you were responsible for. Make sure you turn on the checkbox unter your contact settings that you are open to career opportunities. Think about what search terms recruiters or hiring managers may enter to look for people like you. Make sure those terms are in your profile.
  4. Make it easy for people to find and contact you. Sign up for a Personal Plus account ( and turn on OpenLink.
  5. Be sure to connect with everyone who knows you and is likely to be willing to recommend you. Go to "Find Contacts"
    ( or download the Outlook Toolbar
    ( if you use Outlook.
  6. Search for jobs on LinkedIn. Don't forget to look at the second tab of results called "The Web". There are over 5 million jobs listed.
  7. In addition to applying for a job listed on LinkedIn, request a referral to the poster. Research the poster, so your cover letter can be as personalized and targeted as possible.
  8. Download the LinkedIn JobsInsider if you are also looking on Monster, HotJobs, CareerBuilder, Craigslist, etc.:
  9. Type the names of the 10 organizations you most would like to work for and see which of your contacts know people there or know people who know people there
  10. Search for people in your region that work in the industry you are targeting. Under "interested In" select hiring managers. Contact people in your second degree. Instead of asking for a job, offer them something of value and ask to meet.
  11. Search for people like you and see where they are working. This may give you an idea of who is hiring people like you.
  12. See what your former classmates are up to ( Some may be in a position to hire you and may give preference to someone from the same alma mater.
For more ideas from myself and Liz Ryan, see Using LinkedIn To Get A Specific Position.


Anonymous said...

Rick - thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful insights. The world appreciates you sifting through all the dirt to find golden nuggets like these.

Nancy B said...

LinkedIn Personal Plus accounts have been discontnued. The explanation is still up... but you can't purchase.

Manny Ezeokeke said...


Very helpful links indeed! Thanks for sharing.

Manny Ezeokeke

Hawkeye said...

Great article! I just wanted to pass on that I have had several friends find jobs on LinkedIN!